ChangeX loves HydraChain: delegated staking, higher APR, and more

When the CHANGE token was still only a concept, we spent a lot of time looking for the best blockchain project to build it on. And after careful consideration, we arrived at exactly that — HydraChain’s fascinating economy is what pulled us in, and CHANGE was designed with its many unique features in mind in order to compliment and make the absolute most of them.

If you are a Hydra lover, then you are already aware of its unique inflationary/deflationary nature, its fixed transaction fees, high rewards, and the problems it has set out to solve. CHANGE is a perfect addition to the Hydra ecosystem because it builds on this knowledge and expands it, all the while perfecting HYDRA itself. Read on to see how.


Being built on the HydraChain, ChangeX and its native token CHANGE naturally fit the ecosystem with ease. If you are a Hydra fan, then you know that there are several steps to creating a Hydra wallet, like encrypting it, storing the encrypted information on a flash drive, backing it up, etc.

With ChangeX, this has been simplified: you can either import your existing Hydra wallet in order to use it directly from the app with all its functionalities, or you can choose to set up a new non-custodial wallet in ChangeX in minutes and simply transfer your HYDRA there. Being on the same blockchain, the transfers are pretty cheap. You also retain complete control of your crypto, because the ChangeX wallet is non-custodial, and we have no access to your funds (don’t lose that seed phrase).


HYDRA staking is set to debut on ChangeX in Q3 of 2022. If you’ve used HYDRA before, you know that setting up a node takes some time to do, and there are various tweaks that need to be done manually. With ChangeX, all of that will go away, and engaging in delegated staking will be as easy as pressing a few buttons.

To top that, ChangeX will also provide higher APR for Hydra staking in the app, and you will be able to enjoy added benefits like leveraged staking, flexible spending of your assets via our ChangeX Debit Card, lending, and more. You can check out our roadmap to see what’s coming and when.

DEX Access

Integration of HYDRA into ChangeX will be nothing without access to the native HYDRA Decentralized Exchange (DEX). ChangeX’s wallet will act as a window to the entire ecosystem, allowing you to swap for any token on the DEX. You will have access to STRAY, LOC, and GOMT, which are exclusively on HydraChain, as well as other tokens. This integration will not be the only one, though, and because CHANGE is a multi-chain token you will also have access to BSC, the Ethereum network, and more.

Buy and trade with ease

One of ChangeX’s main focus points is on simplicity. Buying crypto on one blockchain and moving it around only to make the most of it can get pretty tiresome, so, with regards to Hydra but also in general, we’re streamlining the entire process. By having an in-built fiat on-ramp in the ChangeX app, buying Hydra and, actually, any other token, will be as easy as buying a cup of coffee. For example, a HYDRA:EUR pair will be available in the app, which significantly simplifies the process of buying, because all you need is a EUR bank account. Swaps will also be possible across blockchains, so eventually you will be able to buy your HYDRA tokens via any in-app token.

So, as a recap, with ChangeX you’ll be able to import your wallet or create a new non-custodial wallet in the app, use delegated staking for HYDRA and spend flexibly via the ChangeX Debit Card, and access the HYDRA DEX to swap to any supported token and vice versa. All of these functionalities will further increase the transactions on HydraChain. This will crank up the effects of Hydra’s burning mechanism and will keep the inflation levels low.

Setting up nodes or encrypting your wallets will be a thing of the past, and the whole process of buying, trading, staking, and spending will be severely simplified, so that it saves time and, potentially, transaction fees and other costs.

That’s it. For now. Follow us on Twitter for more and join the never-ending conversation on Telegram.

Thanks for reading,

The ChangeX Team

PS: ChangeX’s beta version is live: get it for Android or iOS.



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