$CHANGE launches on HydraDEX — here’s how to get ready!

4 min readJul 12, 2022


The big day approaches — the CHANGE contract is ready and we are making final preparations before the token’s launch on the HydraDEX on July 19. After successfully completing our ICO, where KYC and country limitations applied, the DEX offering on the HydraDEX is open to all. Here’s how to prepare for it.

CHANGE launches July 19 on HydraDEX

The CHANGE token is an HRC-20 token, which means it lives on HydraChain and creates incredible synergies with the HYDRA token. To take part in the DEX you would, naturally, have to access the Hydra blockchain, and there are two ways to do that.

The first one is through the browser-based version of the Hydra Decentralized Exchange (DEX) here. It gives you access to all HRC-20 tokens, including CHANGE (starting July 19), but there are some added steps like creating a Hydra wallet, connecting it to the DEX, depending on your crypto of choice, wrapping your tokens in order to complete your trade, etc.

The second option is more elegant and, in touch with our philosophy of simplifying crypto and the blockchain, much, much easier. To purchase CHANGE, all you need to do is to download the ChangeX app and: a) create a new non-custodial wallet, or b) import your existing wallet into ChangeX via your seed phrase (if you have a password, please use it too, otherwise, your wallet won’t be successfully imported). Importing currently only works through seed phrases, as we haven’t implemented private key imports yet, but fret not — security is our utmost concern, and your seed phrase is completely safe: we do not own the wallets, nor have access to the funds inside them — everything is completely decentralized.

Now, once that is done, you should get yourself some crypto and send it to your wallet, because CHANGE will be available via a few select pairs. In the beginning of the DEX launch, these will be BTC/CHANGE, ETH/CHANGE, HYDRA/CHANGE, and DAI (Hydra-pegged)/CHANGE.

Please note that there is no need to bridge BTC or ETH to HydraChain in any way — you can use both currencies on their native blockchains to acquire CHANGE via the app!

When you’ve got your crypto safely inside the ChangeX app, all you have to do is wait for July 19, when we will release a massive update to the app. This update will introduce the CHANGE token, CHANGE staking functionality, and access to the HydraDEX, as well as some minor bug fixes. We will notify you on all possible channels when the update is available, so that you can install it as quickly as possible and get in on CHANGE trading.

Why as quickly as possible?

Because, due to the way the DEX Launch is designed, the starting trading price of $0.016 per token will not last for very long. We will be deploying 30M CHANGE tokens to the HydraDEX (with corresponding liquidity in DAI and HYDRA in order to keep slippage low), and there will be no additional supply of tokens, so scarcity will increase with every next trade. This Telegram post by our tokenomics mastermind Nikola Aleksandrov explains everything perfectly.

And, to recap, all of the steps you need to take in order to buy CHANGE starting July 19 on the HydraDEX:

1. Download the ChangeX app

2. Create a new wallet OR, if you already have one (a Hydra wallet or another one), just import it to ChangeX via your seed phrase and using your password as well if you have one.

3. Get yourself some HYDRA, DAI (HYDRA-pegged), BTC, or ETH and send it to your ChangeX wallet.

4. When the time comes, update your app — this will introduce the CHANGE token, the HYDRA DEX interface and $CHANGE staking to the app.

5. Swap HYDRA/DAI/BTC/ETH to get your CHANGE on July 19.

Sixth and optional, but highly recommended step: stake right away and enjoy some truly spectacular rewards in the initial stages. Let’s just say 4 digits doesn’t even begin to describe it, but here’s a number that can: every single day, 74,000 CHANGE will be distributed to CHANGE stakers, or 0.85 CHANGE every second. This can be you.

If you choose to stake, you can also manually compound your staking rewards to earn additional income on them. You can do it as often as you want, but keep in mind that small blockchain fees will apply.

This captures the entire process of HydraDEX CHANGE trading, which will begin on July 19. Follow us on Twitter, join us in Telegram and wait for the announcement that the update is available, so you can be one of the first to install it and get to the DEX.

Thanks for reading,

The ChangeX team




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