Buying and Staking $CHANGE in the ChangeX app — the complete guide

7 min readJul 18, 2022


With the launch of the CHANGE token on the HydraDEX tomorrow, it’s time for a full guide on trading and staking CHANGE. That, and the huge APY that is expected for CHANGE staking in the ChangeX non-custodial wallet. And when we say huge, we mean absolutely huge — not to mention the short-term price perspective for CHANGE if demand for the token is high 💪

Before we begin, a short introduction

🔜 $CHANGE begins trading on HydraDEX on July 19 at 2 PM UTC (we changed the time to make it more convenient for all users around the world).

💡 The DEX can be accessed easily right in the ChangeX app. You can also use the browser-based version of the HydraDEX here. You can buy and sell $CHANGE with all tokens supported on the HydraDEX, with standard HydraDEX fees for the execution of transactions.

ChangeX app for 🍏iOS or ▶️Android

🎉🎉🎉 As a surprise, we have also made it possible to buy $CHANGE at 🦄Uniswap as an ERC20 token! You can buy and sell $CHANGE on Uniswap with USDC. Standard fees for the execution of the orders on Uniswap apply.

📈 Starting price for trading on all platforms is $0.016!

💎 Only 30 million tokens for sale and no further supply — every single buy order increases the price of the token.

What will be the available pairs?

The ChangeX app offers two types of trading pairs:

🔛 Two-directional (meaning you can use them to both buy and sell CHANGE): they are HYDRA and Hydra-pegged DAI. Standard fees seen on the HydraDEX will apply for the execution of the order.

➡️ One-directional (meaning you can only buy $CHANGE): these are BTC (native BTC network, no need to bridge the BTC to Hydra) and ETH (native ETH network, no need to bridge the ETH to Hydra).

⚙️ How one-directional pairs work: When you confirm the purchase of $CHANGE with BTC or ETH, you send BTC/ETH to an address, whose keys we hold. As soon as 1 confirmation is received, we buy $CHANGE tokens via the multi-hop functionality of the HydraDEX with the same amount of wBTC and wETH you sent, and then send the purchased $CHANGE tokens to your address in the ChangeX app. We make sure that we have enough wBTC and wETH on HYDRA so that all orders are executed smoothly. Everything is automated!

🏷️ Fee: for the purchase of CHANGE with BTC and ETH you only need to pay the outgoing BTC/ETH transaction fee, while we will be covering everything else! No need to have HYDRA for the purchase either!

The orders for the BTC/ETH purchases need to be for at least 50 USD equivalent and should not exceed 10,000 USD.

⚠️ Disclaimer: we need to receive at least 1 confirmation on your BTC/ETH transaction. This means that especially for BTC, it may take 10–20 minutes for your order to be initiated, which means that the price can change substantially in the meantime!

What will be the liquidity?

The 30 M CHANGE tokens and corresponding $480,000 liquidity will be deployed as follows:
↔️ HydraDEX: 25M $CHANGE tokens (HRC20) and $400,000 worth of HYDRA
🦄 Uniswap: 5M $CHANGE tokens (ERC20) and $80,000 worth of USDC

Get your CHANGE — here’s how

  1. Download the ChangeX app for 🍏iOS or ▶️Android
  2. Create a new wallet or import an existing one via your seed phrase (also, if you have a password, use that when importing, otherwise it won’t work)
  3. Get your preferred crypto to your ChangeX wallet — BTC, ETH, HYDRA, HYDRA-pegged DAI are all good to trade CHANGE.
  4. Wait for the big update which will introduce the CHANGE token, staking, and access to the HydraDEX, where trading will take place. Join us in Telegram and follow us on Twitter for the update announcement!
  5. Swap for CHANGE on the DEX — this happens via the main wallet screen. This is what it looks like:

Tap the Swap option at the bottom. This will take you to the following screen:

Here (the “You send” field at the top) you can choose how much of your ETH/BTC/HYDRA/DAI you want to swap. You can see how many CHANGE the transaction will result in just below it, then you can see the max slippage, and the network and service fees.

💡 How slippage works: the price you are seeing when initiating a Swap transaction, say $0.016, reflects current conditions on the DEX. Max slippage has been set at 100%, which means that, if while your buy order is waiting to complete the price of $CHANGE reaches $0.03, your order would still go through, netting you less CHANGE for the same money. However, if the price rises by more than 100% while your transaction is pending, then the order will not go through.

See that “Approve” button? If using the swap functionality for the first time, you will first need to approve the transaction — this tells the smart contract it is alright to work with your wallet address. The approval can take anything between 20 seconds and 5 minutes, so please be patient. No approval is needed for BTC and ETH transactions!

Once you click on approve, you will see this:

Click on “Confirm” to approve it. Once the address is approved, no further approvals will be needed, and the swaps will happen in one click. This is how the Swap screen looks like after approval is completed:

From the Swap option, choose how much CHANGE you want to get. Hitting the blue Swap button below will then take you to this:

Tap the “Confirm” button to complete the transaction.

🎉🎉 That’s it! Congratulations — you are the proud owner of CHANGE in your very own ChangeX non-custodial wallet! 🎉🎉

Staking your CHANGE for massive rewards

So, where can you stake? Your first choice should obviously be the ChangeX app for iOS and Android, where it all happens in one click. You can however also stake on the HydraDEX.

For those of you buying CHANGE from Uniswap, CHANGE will be added to the ETH/HYDRA bridge on Jul 19, so that any ERC20 CHANGE can be transferred to the Hydra blockchain. Only CHANGE on the Hydra chain can be staked!

Staking in the ChangeX app

Once you’ve got your CHANGE, you can stake it immediately in the app. Here’s how:

  1. From your wallet main screen, tap on the ChangeX wallet field to open the expanded token view.
  2. There are four options at the bottom of the screen — Send, Get, Swap, and Stake. Unless you have other plans for your CHANGE, tap the Stake button.
  3. Near the top of the screen you can see the prompt for the amount of CHANGE you would like to stake. Below that is your current staking balance and rewards you’ve earned until now — unless you’re a wizard, these will both show 0. One step below is the projected APY and, this is very important, you should try to retain your sanity once you see it 😎. Once you input a number of CHANGE tokens to be staked, you will see the network fee and the service fee in the last two spaces. This is how it looks like:

Again, once you click on Approve at the bottom, you will be prompted by another window, because you need to approve the first staking transaction on the chain. Once approved, no further approvals will be needed — staking happens with a single tap of the Stake button. This is the screen to expect after you click on the “Approve” button:

⚠️ A small transaction fee will be applied, and this fee will be deducted from your HYDRA balance, so having some HYDRA in your wallet is a must. The approval transaction might need a few minutes to complete.

Here is the Staking screen after approval:

And once again, after clicking the Stake button:

Click on “Confirm” to stake your CHANGE.

🎉🎉 That’s it! You’re a CHANGE owner and staker and your investment is already earning you massive rewards, which will gradually decrease as more users stake more and more tokens. So the faster you are, the bigger the rewards are from staking (and long-lasting).

Also, don’t forget that you can compound your rewards and thus also earn on them. This can be done manually and as often as you like, but transaction fees will apply to every completed compounding.

To do so, just use the Restake button. Here’s how it looks like in the ChangeX app (bottom of the screen):

🏁 Final step? Watch those numbers grow and pop some champagne for being here this early. We cannot thank you enough.

If you still have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them, so join the conversation on Telegram and follow us on Twitter for updates.

💖 Thanks for reading,

The ChangeX team




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