Time flies: Get 100% of your HYDRA staking rewards now!

🔔 Special time-limited offer for new HYDRA stakers

Changex forfeits its 5% superstaker commission and gives it back to you in CHANGE tokens, which can then be staked too!

To benefit from 0% commission HYDRA staking, all you need to do is move your HYDRA to Changex and stake it there at any point from now until the end of February. Once done, you will automatically begin accumulating CHANGE.

The accumulated 5% commissions (in CHANGE) for the entire month of January will automatically be airdropped to your wallets on 5 February. The same goes for the accumulated rewards in February (airdropped on 5 March). The exact amount will be determined by the CHANGE/HYDRA rate at the time.

🤖 Changex for Android

🍏 Changex for iOS

💰 Rewards payout for December

The first CHANGE rewards are already in stakers’ wallets:

  • 87 stakers received their commission back in CHANGE tokens;
  • The total amount of staked HYDRA with the Changex superstaker is close to 700k HYDRA 💪
  • The pool collectively earned >18k HYDRA in pure rewards 💪💪
  • The collected 5% commission amounts to 882.726537 HYDRA with 96.06772169 HYDRA paid in transaction fees. Thus, the equivalent of 786.6588153 HYDRA was distributed back to HYDRA stakers.

Why Delegated Staking with Changex?

Let’s visualize things below and, by the end of this article, you will find out why Delegated Staking is the best way to stake.

Centralized staking is easy, but it’s not safe — you don’t own your coins, you don’t even own your wallet, and the risk of hacks and breaches is significant. Also, you really don’t know who manages your money and how it is done.

Sure, you could go with the own-node option, but that can get very complicated very quickly. It requires time, money, and an initial investment, and there’s a lot that can go wrong, both hardware and software-wise. Inexperienced users will find this option almost completely inaccessible, especially if they are looking for speedy solutions.

With delegated staking, things are simple, safe, and smart.

  • You stake your entire wallet and pay a 5% fee of your staking rewards to the superstaker — that’s us. We then take care of the entire operation in the background, so you don’t have to.
  • Coins are never transferred to another address — you are the sole owner of your funds.
  • You always get your share of rewards — all rewards accumulated from delegated staking are pooled together, and then distributed to all stakers. The luck factor (or standard deviation) is thus reduced considerably, i.e. everyone has a much higher chance to get their staking rewards even if they have not mined a block.
  • You save time, money, and energy — in Changex, delegated staking happens at the tap of a button.
  • All processes are automated via smart contracts — no one can interfere with your funds, and no one has access to them.
  • Prefer to keep your funds on your desktop computer and not on a mobile wallet? You can still delegate your staking wallet to Changex for the best rewards but without the need to move your coins to Changex. HydraChain has a great guide on the process.

🔔 Get your Changex wallet [🍏 iOS | 🤖 Android] and earn like never before — no fees, no setup, no hassle. Tap a button, start accumulating— it’s that easy.






Get $CHANGE in the app and on Uniswap. All-in-one app for crypto, DeFi, and banking, with debit card and leveraged staking. Deflationary, burnable.

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Get $CHANGE in the app and on Uniswap. All-in-one app for crypto, DeFi, and banking, with debit card and leveraged staking. Deflationary, burnable.